Custom business web apps


Once we understand your business needs and goals, we can help bring more happiness to your work.

For the great people we work with, that happiness has looked like many things including: automating and streamlining frequent tasks; moving from paper (or multiple, diverging spreadsheets) to collaborative tools and data analysis; and improving e-commerce workflows (for both the customer and the store manager).

We pride ourselves on obsessing over the details of how real people interact with and experience our software. We take our time at the start of every project to make sure we have understood your needs and thoroughly questioned any assumptions we brought to the table.

After we’ve created a full prototype to verify that the project’s challenges have all been addressed, we can build and launch the final software. We are also happy to transfer our work to your own developers for implementation and deployment.

The founders of Code Kindly have been serving clients located far and wide since 1997. We can work with your team no matter where you are located – we’ve worked with teams from several countries across 6 continents.