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Résumé — Jeremy Weathers

Here is my résumé, current as of April, 2017: Jeremy-Weathers-Resume.pdf

I know that you really want to see some of my work—maybe an active Github profile or links to actual sites. Because most of my projects over the past 18 years have been closed source web apps (internal business tools, often mission-critical), I am unable to share source code or show the private-access software, although I do try to use my programming experience to help other developers out every once in a while on StackOverflow.

On the other hand, I am happy and able to discuss both technical challenges of the projects and the business impact we created for the target industries.

I am dedicated to the never-ending honing of my craft—sure I’ve spent nearly two decades in the industry but I know that there is no end destination for improvement and learning.

I have opinions on writing tests (when, which kind, which tools, etc.), organizing code, keeping a clean git history, etc. but I realize that these are largely dependent on external context; I value flexibility and open-mindedness. For example, I will tolerate listening to “wrong-headed” views about roasting or brewing coffee, but I won’t adopt those practices myself—unless I like the end result.

According to the StandOut strengths assessment, I am a Creator / Equalizer, which means, in part, that I love building tools to help make people’s lives, or at least a part of their lives, better.